Konstantinos Daras BSc, PhD


My research interests include quantitative geography methods and applications, especially spatial data analysis, geocomputation and population studies. The research questions I am looking at include applied research for informed policy making decisions. The latter refers to the application of quantitative methods in order to perform exploratory and explanatory analysis of geographic data representing various phenomena with a geographical dimension. The main methods applied include spatial interaction models, spatial autocorrelation and area classification. My earlier research interests involve the analysis of population census data in order to identify patterns of social deprivation and health inequalities. My more recent work concerns systematic aggregation of areal data using automated methods (Zone Design Algorithms) and evaluating the produced models by means of statistical criteria. Currently, I am further developing two areas of research. The first area is looking at the way in which internal migration varies between countries around the world (IMAGE project) including internal migration modelling and spatial inequalities in socioeconomic conditions. The second area of research is concerned with the use of advanced computational techniques (Graph theory Visualisations, Geometric Algorithms and GPU programming) for developing innovative methods for regional analysis.


Work Address: Department of Geography & Planning, University of Liverpool,
Roxby Building, Liverpool, L69 7ZT, United Kingdom